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Tisane™’s principals combine successful experience including manufacturing, wholesale, retail and export.

Tisane Limited selects its employees and contractors from people aligned with principles of fairness, humane concern, long-term vision and imaginative practicality. Similarly, we choose suppliers, sources and channels we believe to be ethical and sustainable.

Tseng Chiung-Yi was born in Taiwan and educated there, in South Africa and in New Zealand. She was a film-company executive in Taiwan before marrying Robert.

With Rob she set up New Zealand’s largest sushi manufacturer which served most of Auckland’s main public venues, events, hospitals, State functions, corporates and law firms.

Chiung-Yi has worked in the natural products export sector since 2008 as a sales creator. For one well-known herbal brand, she increased sales by over 500% in a year through export-led construction of a new client network. Chiung-Yi has strong commercial relationships with traders in FMCG, tourism, retail and wholesale, from small on-line niches to major bulk merchants, some turning over $150 million-plus.

She has developed a sector-wide reputation for trustworthiness and fairness in negotiating mutually-beneficial deals and, through that, has retained clients since her first days in the market. Chiung-Yi is also CIDESCO qualified in beauty therapy and devised an original skin-care range, formulated and currently in pre-production with a major New Zealand company. She currently achieves annual personal sales above $20 million p.a. and is regarded as the top NZ salesperson in her sector.

Chiung-Yi currently achieves annual personal sales above $20 million p.a. and is regarded as the top NZ salesperson in her sector.

Sue Guan runs a North Shore pharmacy and also has an independent sales business exporting to China.

In both capacities she has wide connections with consumers, health service providers and manufacturers, and a close understanding of Asian trade conditions and client trends.

Robert Lawrence’s background is in science and education.

He set up and ran a 400-strong Public-Private horticultural training enterprise and, with Joy, several successful businesses – and one disaster, which taught us both heaps! Theoretically “retired”, Rob covers Tisane™’s in-depth consultancy function and backs up Joy’s and Sue’s front-line roles.

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