How We Work With You

There are several ways we can assist you.

The first is by recognising that “assist” means working beside you, from your own expertise with your own situation, not imposing “we know best” solutions for needs you are best placed to resolve.

We start from down-to-earth, logical questions and your own unique first-hand knowledge.

With you, we develop first-principles understanding of your organisation’s specific intentions.

From our existing product range and from extensive contacts overseas we compile a list of potential solutions; where we can’t help you, we’ll tell you: we may recommend other agencies or professionals to cover those points; we won’t get drawn into turf wars.

Secondly, we offer feasible solutions ranked by overall effectuality.

This may include products or services you are already using but will almost certainly bring in examples not currently available in New Zealand or price-structures better than mainstream channels.

In most cases we suggest those from prior knowledge; where necessary we will research and report on both the product and its origins and potential procurement. Effectuality is only one criterion, so we compare effectuality with probable net cost and assist you to make choices based on your own balance of priorities.

Finally, for some types of entities we may be able to offer solutions with a community component.

We look for ways to reduce your cost and perhaps to develop greater understanding of the specific human issues involved, so that all parties can fine-tune an outcome for on-going good.

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