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Tisane™ has found a revolutionary answer to a major world plastic waste and climate problem. We now have a product, “Sleak™” which confronts millions of tons of hygiene waste worldwide and can reduce landfill mass and methane pollution

Over the past two years we’ve worked with leading researchers at Callaghan Innovation and the MacDiarmid Institute to develop a purely plant-based, plastic-free and rapid-biodegrading substance that can be used to make adhesives and coatings. Applied to pure-cellulose fabrics or papers, it forms a tough but touch-friendly waterproof membrane to replace plastic films such as polyethylene, on things like diapers, sanitary pads and medical underlays. At present those, when self-wrapped after use, take centuries to break down in landfill and release methane over that time. Sleak™ membranes will biodegrade naturally back to natural compounds in a few weeks.

The Sleak™ Project is privately funded but supported with Government and Bay Trust grants and we are actively seeking investors and executives:  people from any background with commercial,  technical and industrial know-how and “let’s do this” attitudes on a world scale.

Our interest is in finding nature-compatible products made by innovative firms using authentic hygiene, health and beauty components.

We work from your point of view, aiming to find the best methods to give optimum supply, with best long-term results for the both parties.

“Optimum” does not always mean “cheapest”: the equations may be subtle ones and each participant’s vision is individual.

Tisane’s commercial strategy is as revolutionary as our product and we plan to do this fast. Join us in achieving a huge gain for the planet – and enjoy the personal benefits of a sunrise industry too.

We’re open to working with any interested person or business; we have started to form alliances with local and European companies which share our vision for a more sustainable but realistic future;  we don’t intend to be a “greenwashed” niche but a key supplier to very major industries faced with the inevitability of regulatory restriction and loss of market share. Contact us to find out more.